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Participation Strategy

This strategy aims to build on our previous work and to help us to develop a more consistent approach to user participation.

Participation is the process by which individuals can influence decision-making and bring about change, it is not achieved through one survey, leaflet or meeting but is an ongoing ‘live’ process. User participation is about talking and listening to service users and involving them as partners in making decisions.

Service users parents/carers and children have a right to have their say, to enjoy choice and control and to share in decision making about their nursery. All parents and children should be given equal opportunity to participate, should they choose to do so at whatever level, whilst respecting their right not to participate if that is their decision.

Children, parents and carers will be given the opportunity to express their views and for those views to be listened to and taken account of, acknowledging that children, parents and carers are not all the same and do not have the same views as each other.

The views of children, parents and carers will be recognised and will be reflected in practice. Changes made as result of involvement will be seen and publicised in a number of ways.

Parents and carers will be treated with respect and dignity and as equal partners, participating in their child’s care and education. Contributions to the service, however small will be valued, if we sometimes need to make decisions that go against the views of those who use the nursery we will explain our reasons.

Information underpins all levels of participation; parents have a right to information which is easy for everybody to understand. Good lines of communication with parents and carers will be maintained at all levels.

Offering children, parents and carers the opportunity to fully engage with the nursery will enhance our work towards meeting the very varied needs of individual children and families.