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The Blossom Room

The Blossom Room

The Blossom Room will be situated in our newly constructed modular unit. This is part of our expansion for 2-3 years old provision and will cater for children who require core sessions only, i.e., a morning or an afternoon session, on a term time basis.

The Blossom Room can currently accommodate up to 10 children each morning and 10 children in the afternoon; however, this number may increase in the future.

The Blossom Room is staffed as follows:

Kathleen Brown (EYO)

Jill Hunter (EYO)

Chelsey Johnson (Senior Early Years Officer) will also oversee the Blossom Room, contributing to the day to day running of the room and leading planning as part of her Senior duties. Chelsey also works in our Snowdrop Room (0-2 years).