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Buttercup Room

Previously, our 2-3 year old room operated as one large room with up to 30 children attending at any one time; however, during the summer of 2014 we changed this quite dramatically: we now have 2 smaller rooms that can take up to 15 children at any one time.

Our staff, children and parents were involved in all the consultations regarding this change and already we are seeing the benefits to the children and families. They are now interacting with smaller numbers of people, both children and staff, so are able to develop closer working relationships and engage in more focused activities and learning experiences.

The Buttercup Room is currently staffed as follows:

Laura Kippen (Senior Early Years Officer)

Aileen Marchi (EYO)

Margaret Cloughley (EYO)

Lisa Nicol / Susan Dow (EYOs)

Bluebell Room

The Bluebell Room is currently staffed as follows:

Laura Kippen (Senior Early Years Officer)

Joanna O'Neill (EYO)

Ashley Warner (EYO)

Carol Christie / Allison McNeish (EYOs)

You will see that Laura splits her time across the 2 rooms, ensuring that high quality childcare and early learning is provided in both.

We have 2 incredibly hard working staff teams and their dedication and commitment to the children and the nursery was proven during this period of change. Many thanks to everyone who helped us make this positive change.

Planning Walls

Please take some time to have a look at our plans that are displayed on the wall inside both the Buttercup and Bluebell Rooms. These plans will tell you exactly what the children are working on each week and photographs of the children are displayed to support and evidence the planning work that is done.

Feel free to speak to staff about your child's interests at home - these can be incorporated into the learning experienced at nursery.